Welcome to the the Facilitator Directory

A visible network of Constellators and Community Resources.

The Facilitator Directory hosts listings of Systemic Constellators, Supervisors and Trainers. A world-wide community with a variety of expertise and languages spoken.

All members in this Directory are woven together through through Systemic Realities as introduced to us by it’s originator: Bert Hellinger.

Alongside member listings, the Directory offers a variety of community resources, for the lay person and professional: Introductions to Constellations, Rare Articles, Tools and additional communities in the World.

Finding a Facilitator or Trainer of Systemic Constellations

The Directory assists you in finding a Facilitator near you. Simply fill in 

  • Geographical area
  • Language spoken
  • Expertise

to find a Facilitator near  you.

You may also browse and learn more about the Art of Systemic Consetellating, it’s beginnings through Bert Hellinger, or the history of this directory itself. Enjoy 

Facilitator Directory Find a Facilitator, Network and Support for Constellators

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Connecting with Constellators, Trainers and Supervisors:

Network & Support
for Constellation Facilitators and Trainers

The Facilitator Listing ($65/year)

  • Receiving recognition.
  • Increasing visibility.
  • Connectivity.

The Trainer Listing ($225-$125/ year)

  • Includes a Facilitator Listing.
  • Graduates of your Training receive free listings.
  • Post your upcoming training through Directory News.